Queue length count

You're losing clients because of queues


Such percentage of customers at least once left the store, in seeing more than four people on the waiting list. The queue length control became an excellent KPI for retail market.

Video analytics algorithms define events, and the final processing and false positives elimination  are conducted by a group of operators, data accuracy 100%. Ready sample enabling to make management decisions and stores ranking by the number of queues - understandable KPI for retail market.

Service control on the example of our client

1. Video counter is installed over the zone of a cash-desk

In a case of 4 people queue in a 1 cash-desk - the event would be sent on the mail of the responsible employee.Tags can be changed.

2. Weekly statistics

we provide with weekly statistics in the form of a letter:

3. Quarterly statistics

we provide with quarterly infographic:

Queue: 2 objects statistics

 Objects 1

 Objects 2

Fact 1

Fact 2

Queue dynamics

Queues can appear on the one facility more often than on the other. One shift works faster and quickly processes orders, while the other constantly makes queues and tends to work under the "1 cash desk" scheme. New added KPI by retail: "queues amount".

Price for 1 video counter.  Allows to cover several cash-desks. 


Equipment and installation


Monthly fee for 1 facility

Equipment. Delivery. Installation.

Monitoring, false positives elimination by operators. Informing about suspicious cases. Technical support by SLA.

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