Cars and in-service maintenance time counting

Theft in the tire and washing services is, before 50%. receipts. We find the facts of theft and inform the owners about them.

"Business part" of Your employees


According to our statistics, the service receives every month less by this monthly amount due to the theft of services only.

The total inspection of the video archive and comparing of the data with the cash register are needed. But watching the video and full-time analyse demand a lot of people to do it. Tags video analytics and our service would come to the aid. The work id devided into two parts: the inside and the outside of the service events analysis.


We'll set a time and a duration of any suspicious boxes events by tags.

1. Episodic videoanalytics

Example: check in time 15:00 

                check out time 16:20

2. Gain prediction for a standard hour

The owner will fix the price of a standard hour for services

Example: 1 working time = $30.-

The car was in the box 1 hour 20 minutes.

Projected revenue $30*1,2=$36.-

3. Prediction and cash desk comparing

The interface shows a lack and allows security personnel to save time for a targeted rechecking of our video archive





Shortfall $15.-

Also, sometimes employees try to serve cars near services for a discount or under the pretext of occupied boxes.


1. All events monitoring

We'll set a time and a duration of any suspicious street events by tags. The rain, snow are software excluded.

2. Street events prediction

Street events will be added in the interface of the gain prediction. If any outside services are prohibited: employees will be penalized or will get a warning.





Shortfall: $25.-

Price for 1 video counter.  Allows to cover several cash-desks. 

Equipment and installation



Monthly fee for 1 facility

Equipment. Delivery. Installation.

Monitoring, false positives elimination by operators. Informing about suspicious cases. Technical support by SLA.

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