Counting people


People counter ZEN

Free integration from a scratch or according to your current supplier, upload in soft, the central interface. Technical support and service in the Worldwide

One counter instead of two for large gate

People counter

Usual 2D and 3D counter

Up to 7 meters of the angle of view

Narrow angle of view of 3,5 meters

All-in-one box

  • Processing unit
    Linux OS
    Processor Broadcom BCM2835, 700 МГц; 
    512 MB RAM;
    MicroSD card;
    10/100 Mbit Ethernet;
    Integrated power by T-wire PoE.

  • Varifocal IP-video camera
    5MP fixed focus camera;
    Full image resolution 2592х1944 pixels;
    Video recording resolution: 1080p (30 fps), 720p (60 fps).

  • Fail-safe software
    ZEN video analytics license;
    ZEN data upload script;
    ZEN Database.

Installation and delivery



Fixed price for installation

Worldwide delivery

PoE technology



ZEN Count

PoE adapter

Twisted pair

The video counter is installed above the entry and pointing vertically down. The video counter is provided with the holding slots. You can install the video counter by yourself or contact Technical Service ZEN.
The counter is powered by a standard PoE adapter.
The entering or leaving clients are defined by the video analytics algorithm, that later creates a passage event in the database. 
As a result you'll get a table with a number of clients in the database.

Service support


Monthly fee for 1 facility

Free central service organization and 100% of the data integrity.

  1. The Internet channel shutdown or collapse monitoring.

  2. The data monitoring and uploading at the sites with failures in the Internet channel - organization of the central server.

  3. Service calls to the retail Customer with all working questions.

  4. Service exits to the facility, if necessary repair malfunctions.

  5. The line repair if necessary - re-laying of the T-wire or recrimping of the old installations.

  6. The quarterly analytics software update.

  7. Control recount.

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